About Us

We are the Rasher family, a long lineage of skilled craftsmen and women from a small town called Roth in Bavaria, Germany. Our artistic roots can be dated back in the 1950s to the skilled god-like hands of Fritz Racsher, who used to create classic German nutcrackers, smokers, and toys from wood.

Back then, both Roth and Nuremberg were popular tourist spots for their traditions and attractive sites, like the imperial castles and the old walled city. On a typical walk through the towns, you’d find toys, dolls, nutcrackers, and smokers all well-arranged and in bright colors.

Fritz Rascher was attracted to this beauty. He honed his wood art skills, quit his full-time job, and joined in the street sales. His sense of pride and desire to give his family a better life motivated him to perfect his craftsmanship skills.

He would be found making wood arts every time!

Soon, his undeniably skilled grew him a business. He had more workers increased, and demand for his was on the rise leading to the birth of the Bavarian Legacy.

By the mid-seventies, almost all of Fritz’s family members had left their jobs to join him in production. They were likewise skilled in making a variety of natural wood products, like furniture.

Unfortunately, in early December 1986, just three weeks to Christmas, the workshop got burned. This was a setback for the Bavarian Legacy, but we recovered and resumed production.

Over the years, we grew up creating gorgeous wood arts and handmade products using the knowledge passed on from our great grandparents! We have perfected our craftsmanship to design creative, social, and fun-filled products with modern and societal adaptations that people can relate to.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating stylish wood art and handmade gift production. Check out our store to see some of the unusual creative designs we have on display.

Your Rascher family Company.


Our Design Process

Our creative products are primarily inspired by the colorful, creative, and compelling history of Germany.

The experiences and interactions with people from across the world also have a significant influence on the many products we have today, in particular those of interest to Americans and Britons such as Santa Claus, The Nutcracker Suite, and Uncle Sam among others.

We begin by designing then carving out a sample to act as a reference point for our team, who hand-craft the finished pieces using the finest wood. Some of the wood we use include birch, linden, alder, maple, spruce, or beech.

Once we have several templates that we can work on, we proceed to develop and shape smaller components, such as the pipes or head covers, with the lathe.

With all the components ready and uniformly painted, we start to assemble the parts. First, we fix the figurine to a base plate to provide stability. Individual pieces are then glued together, polished, and given a final quality check before going into the sale.

Our Products

We love smiles! At the Bavarian Legacy, we always aim to put a smile to you and your family’s face through our befitting 100% hand-crafted, durable, and attractive wood products.