Meet Steffen Mengemann: The Weather Enthusiast from Pirna

Steffen Mengemann, a resident of Pirna-Copitz and self-proclaimed vagabond, has a unique passion for weather monitoring. Not only does he maintain a private weather station, but he also shares the collected data with the world through the internet. His dedication to this field is apparent as he diligently cleans his weather station, situated on his vast property in Pirna-Liebethal.

“Steffen Mengemann is not only an expert in meteorology but also an avid hobby-funker.

In addition to his interest in weather, Mengemann is also an enthusiastic hobby-funker. He has set up two impressive masts on his property, one for weather data measurement and the other for radio communication. This multi-talented Pirnaer’s love for exploring various interests is clearly evident in his diverse range of hobbies.

Steffen Mengemann with his weather station

A Local Weather Expert Making an Impact

Steffen Mengemann’s passion for weather extends beyond his personal pursuits. As a service to the community, he shares the data from his private weather station online. Through his dedicated efforts, Mengemann ensures that valuable weather information is readily accessible to anyone interested, making it easier for individuals to plan their activities effectively.

Appreciating Nature’s Beauty in Pirna-Liebethal

Beyond his weather-focused activities, Mengemann takes time to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding his property. Currently, the landscape is adorned with vibrant snowdrops and colorful crocuses, creating a picturesque view for visitors and passersby. Mengemann’s love for nature complements his passion for weather, allowing him to fully immerse himself in the wonders of his surroundings.

A Life Enlivened by Weather and Adventure

Steffen Mengemann’s adventurous spirit and unwavering dedication to weather monitoring make him a remarkable individual. His diverse range of interests, from meteorology to radio communication, sets him apart as a true enthusiast. Whether he is climbing a ladder to clean his weather station or exploring his property in Pirna-Liebethal, Mengemann’s zest for life is clearly visible.